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Kansas Department Of Health And Environment
Jeff Andersen MD
Address: 1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 540
Topeka, Kansas 66612
Phone: 785-296-7253
Fax: 785-559-4269
Jurisdiction: Health Commissioner/Secretary
N. Myron Gunsalus Jr.
Director of Laboratories
Health & Environmental Laboratories
Address: 6810 SE Dwight Street
Topeka, Kansas 66620
Phone: 785-559-5205
Fax: 785-296-1641
Emergency: 877-427-7317
Program Areas: Analytical Services
Jurisdiction: Health Laboratory Director
Ryan Lester
Bureau of Health Promotion
Address: 1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 230
Topeka, Kansas 66612
Phone: 785-368-8264
Fax: 785-559-4233
Program Areas: Tobacco Prevention
Kim Steves
Radiation Control Program
Address: 1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 330
Topeka, Kansas 66612
Phone: 785-296-4359
Fax: 785-559-4251
Program Areas: Radiation Safety
Farah Ahmed
Interim State Epidemiologist
Bureau of Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics
Address: 1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 110
Topeka, Kansas 66612
Phone: 785-296-1415
Fax: 877-427-7318
Emergency: 877-427-7317
Program Areas: Epidemiology
Jurisdiction: Epidemiologist
Ingrid Garrison
Public Health Veterinarian
Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Response
Address: 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 075
Topeka, Kansas 66612
Phone: 785-296-2501
Fax: 877-427-7318
Emergency: 877-427-7317
Jurisdiction: Public Health Veterinarian
Carol Cramer
Program Manager
Tobacco Use Prevention Program
Address: 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 230
Topeka ,  Kansas 66612
Phone: 785-368-6308
Program Areas: Tobacco Distribution Regulation, Tobacco Prevention, Tobacco Retailer Licensing