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Connecticut Department Of Consumer Protection
Rodrick J. Marriott PharmD
Drug Control Division
Address: 450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901
Hartford, Connecticut 06103
Phone: 860-713-6065
Fax: 860-706-1207
Program Areas: CBD Dispensaries, CBD Manufacturers, CBD Registry/ID Cards, Manufactured Marijuana, Marijuana Cultivation, Marijuana Dispensaries, Marijuana Edibles, Marijuana Extracts, Marijuana Production, Marijuana Registry/ID Cards, Marijuana Testing Laboratories, Medical Marijuana, Cosmetic Ingredients, Cosmetic Manufacturing, Drug Manufacturing (OTC), Drug Manufacturing (Prescription), Drug Wholesalers, Investigational New Drugs, Medical Gases , New Drug Applications, Pharmacies, Practice of Pharmacy, Prescription Drug Marketing Act, Prescription Monitoring, Prescritption Drug Compounding, Veterinary Drugs, Device Manufacturing