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Alaska Department Of Environmental Conservation
Bobbie McDonald
Food Safety & Sanitation Program Coordinator
Division of Environmental Health
Address: 610 University Avenue
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709
Phone: 907-451-2111
Program Areas: Bottled Water, Food (Manufactured), Food Banks, Food Processors, Food Recalls, Food Salvage, Food Transportation, Food Warehouses, Ice, Ice Vending Machines, Seafood (Non-Shellfish), Shellfish, Tracebacks, Water Vending Machines, Correctional Facilities, Farmers Markets, Food (Retail) , Food Recalls, Food Service, Grocery Stores / Retailers, Home Based Food Processing, Institutional Facilities, Mobile Food Facilities, Public or Private Schools, Temporary Food Facilities, Tracebacks, Vending Machines
Jurisdiction: MFRPS Coordinator, VNRFRPS Coordinator