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Florida Department Of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Matthew Colson
Bureau Chief
Diision of Food Safety, Bureau of Food Inspection
Address: 3125 Conner Boulevard, Mail Stop C-18
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1650
Phone: 850-245-5544
Fax: 850-245-5553
Emergency: 850-459-5399
Program Areas: Food (Manufactured), Food (Retail), MFRPS Coordinator, Dairy (Grade A Milk), Dairy (Manufactured Milk)
Jurisdiction: Food Program Manager
Richard Stephens
Environmental Scientist III
Division of Food Safety - Bureau of Food Inspections
Address: 3125 Conner Boulevard, Suite H
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1650
Phone: 850-245-5520
Fax: 850-245-5553
Program Areas: Food Recall Coordinator, MFRPS Coordinator
Jurisdiction: MFRPS Coordinator
Matthew Coleman
Environmental Administrator
Division of Food Safety - Manufactured Food
Address: 3125 Conner Boulevard, Mail Stop C-18
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1650
Phone: 850-245-5543
Fax: 850-245-5553
Emergency: 850-459-5399
Program Areas: Food (Manufactured), MFRPS Coordinator
Iowa Department Of Inspection & Appeals
Jennifer Pierquet
Program Planner
Food & Consumer Safety Bureau
Address: 321 East 12th Street, Third Floor
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Phone: 515-577-3003
Fax: 515-281-3291
Emergency: 515-669-3826
Program Areas: Food (Manufactured), MFRPS Coordinator
Louisiana Department Of Health
Katherine Dilosa
Sanitarian Program Specialist
Food and Drug Program
Address: 628 North 4th Street
Baton Rouge , Louisiana 70802
Alternate address: PO Box 629, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0629
Phone: 225-342-7672
Program Areas: MFRPS Coordinator
Michigan Department Of Agriculture And Rural Development
Jennifer Bonsky
MFRPS Coordinator and RRT Specialist
Food and Dairy Division
Address: 525 West Allegan Street
Lansing , Michigan 48933
Alternate address: PO Box 30017, Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 517-930-6231
Minnesota Department Of Agriculture
Cassie Mueller
MFRPS Coordinator
Food and Feed Safety Division
Address: 625 Robert Street North
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155-2538
Phone: 952-210-4255
Fax: 651-201-6116
Program Areas: MFRPS Coordinator
Mississippi State Department Of Health
Susan Shedd
MFRPS Coordinator
Food Protection Division
Address: 570 East Woodrow Wilson Drive, U-119
Jackson , Mississippi 39215-1700
Phone: 601-576-7256
Program Areas: MFRPS Coordinator
New Jersey
New Jersey Department Of Health
Peter Hylkema
Registered Environmental Health Inspector 3
Food and Drug Safety Program
Address: 135 East State Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
Alternate address: PO Box 369, Trenton, NJ 08625-0369
Phone: 609-826-4935
Fax: 609-826-4992
Program Areas: Food (Manufactured)
Jurisdiction: MFRPS Coordinator
North Carolina
North Carolina Department Of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Ann Wierzbicki
MFRPS Coordinator
Food & Drug Protection Division
Address: 4000 Reedy Creek Road
Raleigh, North Carolina 27607-6465
Alternate address: 1070 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1070
Phone: 919-733-7366
Fax: 919-733-6801
Program Areas: Foods (Manufactured)
Jurisdiction: MFRPS Coordinator
Pennsylvania Department Of Agriculture
Abdellah El Hajjam
Manufactured Food Program Specialist
Bureau of Food Safety
Address: 2301 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110
Phone: 717-772-5208
Fax: 717-787-1873
Program Areas: Food (Manufactured), Food Processing
Jurisdiction: MFRPS Coordinator
South Carolina
South Carolina Department Of Agriculture
Kara Burdett
MFRPS Grant Coordinator
Consumer Protection - MFRPS
Address: 123 Ballard Court
West Columbia, South Carolina 29172
Alternate address: PO Box 11280, Columbia, SC 29211
Phone: 803-737-9691
Fax: 803-737-9703
Program Areas: MFRPS Coordinator
Texas Department Of State Health Services
Vacant Position
Food Safety Officer
Consumer Protection

Address: 8407 Wall Street
Austin, Texas 78754
Alternate address: PO Box 149347, Austin, TX 78714-9347
Phone: 512-834-6770 ext. 2342
Program Areas: Food (Manufactured), MFRPS Coordinator, FSMA Coordinator
Jurisdiction: MFRPS Coordinator
Wisconsin Department Of Agriculture Trade & Consumer Protection
Skya Murphy
Program and Policy Analyst-Adv/Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards Coordinator
Food and Recreational Safety
Address: 2811 Agriculture Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53718-6777
Alternate address: PO Box 8911, Madison, WI 53708-8911
Phone: 608-224-4704
Fax: 608-224-4710
Program Areas: Food (Manufactured)
Jurisdiction: MFRPS Coordinator